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Agency News Founder Janaki Venkatramani: Bringing Education and Financial Literacy to the Forefront

SPELL-A-THON OLYMPIADS (MYCOOLQ.COM), a brand that’s so cool, that it aptly addresses the cool Gen Z. This innovative brand is now under the prestigious Mentorship of IIM Bangalore, where Janaki was a Goldman Sachs Scholar on Entrepreneurship.’s Spell-a-thon Olympiads conducts a one-of-a-kind English Vocabulary and Communicative Skills Competition for children from KG to Class XII. It came under the Mentorship of IIM Bangalore in 2021 and is a Member of the prestigious Indian Chamber of Commerce. Its Founder, Janaki Venkatramani, created this revolutionary program in 2012 which has so far reached out to over 80 Schools and more than 40000 children. competitions have garnered widespread acclaim and The MyCoolQ Team, with Mrs. Anjana Mallick, an eminent Kolkata based Educationist with over four decades of experience as the Academic Advisor, is highly sought after by top schools throughout West Bengal and beyond. 

Janaki adds, “At, we believe that language is a critical component of success and that every child deserves the opportunity to unlock their full potential. Our dynamic and engaging competitions are designed to challenge and inspire students, helping them develop vital communication skills that will serve them for a lifetime.” 

With a BA (Hons) in English from Loreto College, Kolkata, and an MBA specializing in Marketing from Newport University, California, Janaki is a triple threat – brains, beauty, and business acumen! She’s the kind of woman who can recite Shakespeare while designing a marketing campaign or enlightening an awestruck audience of students and their parents and still look amazing doing it. Janaki is an Edupreneur extraordinaire, having founded SPELL-A-THON OLYMPIADS (MYCOOLQ.COM).

A sneak peek at her career across multiple industries brings out her unique persona as an Edupreneur Extraordinaire and a True Inspiration to the younger generation. Janaki is a true multi-tasker and an inspiration to all who know her. When she’s not busy educating the masses, she’s out on the field playing or watching sports, traveling and exploring new places and food, acing quizzes, gardening, or delivering motivational speeches that leave her audiences spellbound. And her passion for financial literacy is unmatched. She believes that knowledge is power and that being financially literate is the key to a successful and fulfilling life. She is fond of hills and forests, traveling and exploring new varieties of vegetarian cuisine all over the world.

So, whether you’re interested in education, entrepreneurship, or just want to hang out with a cool chick who’s smarter than she looks, Janaki Venkatramani’s Social Media pages are the places to be in! Don’t believe us? Check her out on social media, where she’s got a good fan following and more wit than a stand-up comedian. Visit her professional website today and see what all the fuss is about! She’s also a qualified IRDA license holder, trained as a CFP (Risk Management), and can balance a budget like nobody’s business. But Janaki’s talents extend far beyond the classroom. She’s worked with big-name companies like Lintas – Market Links, and Citibank N.A. IFB GROUP, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, and Tata AIG General Insurance in various capacities. Janaki Venkatramani pioneered the concept of SIP Abacus in West Bengal way back in 2005 and grew it to great heights before moving on towards the end of 2019 to pursue her dream project, namely As an Independent Financial Consultant, she’s helped many people make sense of their Finances and children with important lessons on Financial Literacy. Janaki is a true multi-tasker and an inspiration to all who come in contact with her. 

Her passion for financial literacy is unmatched. She believes that knowledge is power and that being financially literate is the key to a successful and fulfilling life. A new career move in her mid-fifties – her journey towards realization of her dream goal of being part of Corporate Board rooms. She is currently working on her academic studies to qualify as a Certified Independent Director. Janaki’s enthusiasm for learning and achieving new milestones is truly awe-inspiring and sets a great example for others to follow. Age is merely a number for her !!

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