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Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme for GST Invoicing Going to Change the Game?

<p>Have you ever fantasized of earning $1,000,000 for a $500 note you just received from your neighborhood supermarket? The brand-new Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar program provides that. To enter the drawing, just submit a GST-compliant bill to the appropriate site or app.</p>
<p>The program is designed to persuade customers to ask shops or other sellers for invoices that are compliant with GST, if such sellers are involved. Before determining if the ambitious plan would fundamentally alter GST invoicing in India, let’s take a closer look at it.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-169718″ src=”” alt=” after a kid in gujarat was killed by a big cat two lionesses were imprisoned image” width=”1114″ height=”626″ srcset=” 299w,×84.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1114px) 100vw, 1114px” title=”Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme for GST Invoicing Going to Change the Game? 12″></p>
<p>What does the MBMA plan entail?</p>
<p>Beginning on September 1, 2023, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes (CBIC) will implement the most recent program, Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar (MBMA). It rewards customers with enormous cash prizes for asking vendors for genuine, GST-compliant invoices.</p>
<p>Any interested customer may submit their GST bill or purchase invoice via the app or website starting on September 1. But only merchants or sellers who have registered for GST should issue the bill. At first, only residents of certain states and UTs—such as Haryana, Assam, Gujarat, and the UTs of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, and Puducherry—can participate. The plan features set cash values for the monthly and triennial fortunate draws of Rs 10,000, Rs 10,000, and Rs 1 crore.</p>
<p>Through the online site or a mobile app for iOS and Android, one may take part in the program.</p>
<p>Will the MBMA plan alter the game?</p>
<p>The threat of tax evasion and false tax credit fraud is controlled by the expansion of the e-invoicing system to other company classes with a Rs 5–10 crore annual revenue. E-invoicing handles B2B transactions, whereas the MBMA system seeks to achieve a similar goal in the B2C market. However, to improve the appeal of this invoice-based incentive system, various issues or ambiguities must be resolved.</p>
<p>When the program is expanded to other states and UTs, it may increase the amount of GST invoices throughout India. The income figures show that the states that have been selected so far do not have a large transaction volume, which may not significantly convert into the predicted returns for the plan.</p>
<p>Only B2C invoices generated by vendors listed in the states using the incentive program are accepted. There is no mention of whether customers from other states who purchase from these dealers may take advantage of the plan.</p>
<p>According to a statement from GSTN, the MBMA system will assign a greater likelihood or chance of winning the draw to an invoice with a larger value. Although there is a Rs. 200 entry requirement, the selection criteria encourage higher expenditure, which may put off other consumer segments.</p>
<p>Overall, the program promotes the development of a formal economy and pushes for a new, constructive change in Indian consumer behavior. To take advantage of the advantages of the program and protect yourself from con artists, be sure to adhere to the government’s approved URLs for mobile applications and online portals before you enroll.</p>
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