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‘Read Aloud’ Option Coming to Google Chrome Soon to Compete with Microsoft Edge’s Speaking Capabilities; Details

<p>One of the most widely used web browsers worldwide is Google Chrome. The tech juggernaut releases updates often to better improve the user experience. Additionally, the business is trialing the ability to “read aloud” items from the web in a novel approach. The capability, which is comparable to the article-reading functionality in Microsoft Edge, is now being tested on Chrome Canary for desktop.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-188430″ src=”” alt=” download 2″ width=”1156″ height=”1156″ srcset=” 225w,×96.png 96w,×150.png 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1156px) 100vw, 1156px” title=”'Read Aloud' Option Coming to Google Chrome Soon to Compete with Microsoft Edge's Speaking Capabilities; Details 12″></p>
<p>According to Bleeping Computer, a Chrome user may modify the playback speed of the articles by utilizing the speed controller while using read-aloud. Future opportunities to change voices and improve the listening experience will be made accessible, according to the study.</p>
<p>The read-aloud feature incorporates an interactive design element in the user interface that draws attention to the phrase being read aloud at the moment. As you read farther, previous portions become less and less noticeable. This makes sure readers keep paying attention to what’s happening on the screen while reading the content.</p>
<p>According to the article, Google is also providing an option for users who do not want to utilize the text highlighting feature to manually turn it off. In related news, the firm revealed a new design for Desktop users as the browser celebrated 15 years.</p>
<p>Construct using the company’s materials We’ll update your design, icons, and color schemes. New categories, such Editors’ Spotlight, AI-powered extensions, and more individualized suggestions, will soon be available in the Web Store.</p>
<p>Google also said that it would alert users anytime a Chrome Web Store extension they have installed is no longer offered. It will function in three situations:</p>
<p>– When the developer retracts the extension</p>
<p>– When it is removed because it breaches the Web Store rules.</p>
<p>– The extension has a malware designation.</p>
<p>Go to this report to learn more about it in depth.</p>

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