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Men’s ODI World Cup: India vs. New Zealand in the semifinals on November 15 is official

<p>It is official: on November 15, at the Wankhede Stadium in this city, India and New Zealand will square off in the semifinal of the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023. This matchup is a rematch of their matchup at the same stage in the 2019 competition.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-278494″ src=”” alt=” mens odi world cup india vs new zealand in the semifinals on november 15 is offici” width=”1135″ height=”755″ title=”Men's ODI World Cup: India vs. New Zealand in the semifinals on November 15 is official 6″ srcset=” 275w,×100.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1135px) 100vw, 1135px” /></p>
<p>On November 16, South Africa and Australia will play in the second semifinal at Eden Gardens. On November 19, the victors of the two matches will compete in the major event’s final in Ahmedabad.</p>
<p>The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 knockout stage was announced for the four semifinalists after England’s 93-run victory over Pakistan at the Eden Gardens on Saturday.</p>
<p>No matter how the Indian hosts do in their last encounter against the Netherlands on Sunday, they will lead the group stage rankings. So, on November 15, Rohit Sharmá’s team is set to play New Zealand in the elimination semifinal.</p>
<p>This is the same field where India defeated Sri Lanka by a dominant 302 runs earlier in the competition.</p>
<p>Pakistan overcame a significant NRR disadvantage to overcome England by a big margin, but their chances of advancing to the semifinals were very remote. But England’s 337/9 total after choosing to bat destroyed their chances, and the 1992 World Cup champions could not even come close to solving the mathematical calculations.</p>
<p>With 10 points, New Zealand came in fourth place in the rankings, behind only India (16), South Africa (14) and Australia (14). With a higher NRR of +1.261 compared to Australia’s +0.841, South Africa came in second.</p>
<p>India will now get the opportunity to exact vengeance on New Zealand, who eliminated them from the competition in the 2019 edition’s semifinals.</p>
<p>The hosts, who fell to Australia in the 2015 edition’s quarterfinals, will advance to the championship match for the first time since 2011.</p>
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