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MangoFolks by Konkan Estate: Pioneering Revolutionary UHDP Technology in Premium Mango Cultivation

This extraordinary vision springs to life with MangoFolks, a true jewel in the crown of Konkan Estate. Situated in close proximity to Mumbai on the Mumbai-Goa Highway, just a two-hour drive from Panvel in Tala, near Adani Dighi Port.

In this community farm, you have the opportunity to become the owner of a minimum of one acre of farmland. These mango orchards will be meticulously developed and nurtured using cutting-edge techniques such as UHDP (Ultra-High Density Planting) – an advanced farming method that ensures the perfect equilibrium of irrigation and fertigation through drip irrigation. Envision drones orchestrating a symphony of growth.

MangoFolks provides a secure and reliable deal, granting you clear-titled land that’s ready to be registered with 7/12. Upon becoming an official landowner, a team of agronomists initiates the development of your orchard with 400 trees planted per acre. These farms are professionally managed from the initial pit to plantation, maintenance to harvest, and from export to sales and distribution, all encompassed in a comprehensive joint venture.

UHDP Technology: A Paradigm Shift in Mango Cultivation

The journey of MangoFolks towards excellence is defined by the groundbreaking UHDP technology, which acts as a transformative catalyst in mango cultivation. UHDP redefines the boundaries of orchard productivity, focusing on the optimization of land, water, and resources, meticulous planting, and precise management. It truly is a game-changer in the field of agriculture.

This advanced method not only reduces land requirements by a staggering 90% but also assured export-quality fruit, high productivity per acre, exceptional profitability, and tax-free income.

Community Farming: Uniting for a Prosperous Tomorrow

Why mangoes, and why community farming? Mango cultivation, especially in the fertile Konkan region, holds limitless potential, driven by global export opportunities and an ever-expanding market. Here, the soil serves as a canvas awaiting the magic touch, while the weather dances in perfect harmony.

Beyond Profit: Investing in Mango Orchards

Investing in MangoFolks is not just about profits; it’s an investment in your future. Experience tax-free agricultural earnings, witness soaring asset values, and enjoy returns on investment that can surpass even your wildest dreams – an enticing proposition.

MangoFolks: A Commitment to Your Unwavering Success

With MangoFolks, your hands remain clean while your investment flourishes. They offer comprehensive end-to-end farm management, with community farming at its core. An expert team of agronomists takes charge of your mango orchard, ensuring its thriving prosperity. Value-added services come with an unwavering commitment to professionalism that sets them apart.

Professional Farming, Professional Results: Step-by-Step Progress

Stay informed with quarterly reports that track your orchard’s progress. They go the extra mile with value-added services, enhancing your mango farming experience and making it even more irresistible.

In the end, you become an Agripreneur, reaping multiple benefits from this agricultural venture, with MangoFolks setting up your mango orchard business, professionally managed by a team of agronomists.

Location Advantages: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Strategically positioned, MangoFolks thrives in proximity to key hubs such as Adani’s Dighi Port, Vile Bagad MIDC, the International Airport, and JNPT. What’s more, visionary projects like DMIC and anticipated developments such as the Konkan Expressway further amplify the growth potential.

Nearby Attraction: Discover the Beauty of Konkan

The charm of the Konkan region extends to nearby attractions such as Diveagar Beach, Srivardhan Beach, Harihareshwar Beach, Murud Janjira, and the historic Raigad Fort. These natural and cultural treasures enrich the area’s heritage and provide a vibrant backdrop.

Getting to MangoFolks is effortless, thanks to its central location. Whether you’re arriving from Mumbai, Panvel, Alibaug, or Pune, it ensures easy access to your mango orchards.

Konkan Estate: The Visionaries Behind MangoFolks

MangoFolks is an integral part of Konkan Estate, a visionary organization committed to developing farmhouse land and community farm projects. Founded by trailblazers Harsh Rawat Jain and Ganesh Gokhale, their entrepreneurial acumen drives a vision for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Mr. Harsh Rawat Jain boasts 17 years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the real estate business and manages an extensive land bank. Mr. Jain is a multifaceted talent actively involved in the hospitality, retail, and e-commerce industries, as well as the import-export business.

Mr. Ganesh Gokhale brings 22 years of corporate experience in the Real Estate and BFSI sector. He has been a crucial part of organizations such as Indiabulls, where he served as the Senior Vice President and Marketing Head for seven years. He has also held strategic and leadership roles in prominent brands like Bharti Axa, Bajaj Allianz, and Mahindra & Mahindra.


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